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Italian Genealogist #4

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Published as Italian Genealogist Issue #4, 22pp., as part of The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 11, 1990, including:

  • "Italian Surname Onomastics, Part I: An Introduction" by Louis A.M. Mendola, FAS
  • "Do Not Procrastinate Your Genealogical Research" by Trafford R. Cole
  • "Passenger Lists: The Brig Ann Collins, 1868" by Karen P. Neuforth, MAS, FSO
  • "Heraldry in Genealogical Research" by Louis A.M. Mendola, FAS
  • "The Family Manuscript" by Rev. Fr. Lawrence W. Casati III, MA, KCR
  • "The Genealogical Heraldic Tree of the di Genova Family of Abruzzi" by Baron Mario di Genova di Salle, FAS
  • Editorial, Notes, Emigrant Card Files: Italia, Queries, Surname Interest Listings
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