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Journal of Ancient Egyptian Studies #1
Published as Journal of Ancient Egyptian Studies Volume I, Issue #1 in 2000, 108pp., including: Foreword by Rodney Hartwell, KtB(Y), PS Dreaming of Egypt by Mary Pritchard Poulter A Priestly Family of Memphix by David H. Kelley, PhD, ESO Ancient Egypt: An Examination of Changing Perceptions by Rodney Hartwell, KtB(Y), FSO The Ptolemids of Egypt and other places by R.C. Walker Bridging the Second Intermediate Period by Chris Bennett, PhD, ESO Addeda et Corrigenda by Chris Bennett Book Review by Rodney Hartwell, FSO, FAS/hc The Genealogy and Chronolgy of the Ramesside Period by William Kevin Miller Etc.