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Petition for Registration of Arms

with The Augustan Society Roll of Arms

I do hereby petition the Heraldry Committee of The Augustan Society, Inc., to register the arms, banner, or badge described below. I understand that arms selected from those registered may be selected for inclusion in The Augustan Omnibus or The Augustan Society Roll of Arms.

  1. Please check the type of registration of arms:
    Personal Arms
    Arms of an Ancestor
    Institutional Arms
    Banner or Badge

  2. Check the devices to be registered:
    Shield, crest, mantling, and helm
    Above with supporters
    Standard or other heraldic flag
    Other (please specify)

  3. Blazon (description) of arms (the description is to be taken verbatim from the patent, if any, or from any other form or source. Do not translate, edit, or change the blazon from the source where his given):

  4. For blazons not in English, please attach a translation, if available. If no translation is available, please include a tricked or color illustration.

  5. For Ancestral Arms, send documentation of the original grant, plus a lineage to the petitioner, to or by mail to Headquarters.

  6. Define how these arms may be inherited undifferenced:
    Male Primogeniture
    All male descendants of the name
    All male descendants
    Equal Primogeniture
    All descendants of the name
    All descendants

  7. For accuracy, scan and email copies of relevant documentation to, or mail to Headquarters.

Fees for Registration of Arms are as follows:

Petition fee, non-refundable $ 15
Shield, crest, mantling, and helm $160
Certificate fee $ 25
Supporters and compartment $ 50*
Banner, Standard, or Pennant $ 35*
Minor amendments (removing labels, etc.) Certificate fee only
Lineage Fee, $4/generation, $24 minimum $____*
Registration of marshalled arms** $ 75*
Subtotal $____
Augustan Society Members deduct 20% $____
Total $____

* The Store software can only charge a single price: $200 ($160 for members). Thus if any different amount is owed, it must be paid separately. We apologize for this inconvenience, and we are working to develop a new store that will better fit our needs.

** Marshaled arms are only available when the included arms have previously been registered.