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Little Manual of Heraldry
by Carl Alexander von Volborth 8½x11" perfect bound, illustrated, 87 pp., 1966 An excellent introduction for the beginner, especially those in America who may not be familiar with heraldic traditions, this meaty and profusely illustrated handbook will prove a supportive quick reference for the more advanced student as well.
Color Book, Folio I
A Roll of Some Arms of Crusaders: An Heraldic Color Book, Folio I
Color Book, Folio II
The Augustan Color Book: A Folio of Arms to Color, Folio II
A Bibliographic Guide: The Order of St. Lazarus and the Order of Sts. Maurice & Lazarus
A Bibliographic Guide to The Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazurus of Jerusalem and The Order of Sts. Maurice & Lazarus by Patricia Hartwell np, 1985, 23pp.
Heraldry Art Pack
This package includes: The Little Manual of Heraldry Color Book, Folio I; and Color Book, Folio II. The Coloring Folios include multiple examples of heraldry, and the Little Manual provides instruction in the field. The special price of this package is half the price of the three items ordered separately!
A Bibliographic Guide: The Order of the Temple
A Bibliographic Guide to the Order of the Temple. by Patricia Hartwell n.p., 1985, 22pp
Hessian Emigrants
Hessian Emigrants to America: 1832–1845 by Dr. Kurt Günther; Bruce A. Metcalf, FAS, editor Orlando: The Augustan Society, 2019, 44pp.