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Colonial Genealogist #45
Published as The Colonial Genealogist Issue #45 (XII:3) 1985, 51pp. The English Birth and Ancestry of Cornelius Dabny (1631–1693/4) of Virginia by Arden H. Brame Jr. II (CG45-107) Genealogical Gleanings of the Early Palmer Families of Mew England and Some Circumstantial Conclusions Regarding the Origin of William Palmer of Plymouth Colony by Carlton A. Palmer, Jr. (CG45-112) A Ruble Update by Stanley E. Moore (CG45-119) Colonial Revolutionary Era Marriage Bonds Amherst County, Virginia, 1763–1782 by Karen P. Neuforth (CG45-132) Ancestral lines: Snow(e) (CG45-153) Bremner/Bremmer (CG45-154) Queries, surname interest listings, etc. Surnames: Alcock, Alexander, Allen, Andrew, Arledge, Ayrs, Bailey, Baley, Ballard, Ballenger, Ballou, Ballowe, Banister, Banks, Barnes, Barnett, Baset, Bassett-Palmer, Bassett, Bathhurst, Batts, Beane, Beckley, Becknall, Beckwith, Bell, Besett, Beville, Bickmore, Blain, Blair, Blakemore, Blanchard, Bolling, Bond, Bott, Boune, Bowler, Boyce, Boykin, Boyle, Bradford, Brame, Brasseur, Brazure, Bremmer, Bremner, Brewster, Briggs, Brigham, Brown, Bryan, Buleson, Burgess, Burgis, Burnet, Burnett, Burros, Burt, Burton, Bush, Bushrod, Cabrera, Caffrey, Caldwell, Callahan, Camp, Campbell, Carr, Carter, Cartwright, Cash, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chamniss, Childres, Childress, Childriss, Chiles, Christian, Clark, Clarke, Clausen, Clearwater, Coan, Coggeshall, Cole, Colie, Comstock, Cook, Coward, Cox, Coxton, Craig, Crane, Craven, Crawford, Crow, Croxton, Curtis, Cutler, d’Aubeney, d’Aubigne, d’Aulnay, Dabney, Dabny, Dale, Dalrymple, Dalton, Darneille, Daubeny, Daubney, Davis, Dawbney, Dawson, de Berry, deAlneto, Denison, Dennis, Deyo, Dick, Dillard, Dinguid, Dinwiddie, Dodge, Donalson, Drury, Duffie, Duffy, Duglas, Durham, Dyche, Dytche, Eades, Edminson, Edminston, Edmiston, Edmonds, Edmonson, Edmonton, Edwards, Ellis, Emerson, Evans, Everhart, Farr, Farrar, Farren, Fauntleroy, Fayton, Feake, Feg, Fishback, Fisher, Fitz-Osmond, Fitzhugh, Flagg, Fleck, Flood, Fortune, Foster, Franklin, Frizzell, Gaines, Gains, Galaspie, Galespey, Galespie, Garland, Garrot, Gatewood, Gilbert, Gillaspie, Glaze, Goodwin, Gradwell, Grant, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Grefe, Gregory, Griffin, Gwynn, Hall, Hamilton, Hamm, Hansbrough, Harding, Haregrove, Hargrove, Harold, Harper, Harr, Harris, Harrison, Hartgrove, Hartwell, Harvey, Harvie, Hastings, Hatley, Hawkins, Heard, Heath, Heister, Helm, Henderson, Henig, Hennage, Herd, Higgenbotham, Higginbotham, Hill, Hind, Hobart, Hoffman, Hohimer, Holder, Homewood, Horsley, Houk, Hudson, Huffman, Hufman, Hughs, Hunting, Hurd, Hyde, Hyer, Irvin, Irwin, Jacobs, Jameson, Jewell, Joblin, Jobling, Johns, Johnson, Jones, Jopling, Jordan, Jung, Kannon, Kendall, Kennedy, Kennon, Key, Kingsbury, Knowles, Laine, Lamaster, Lamb, Landrum, le Palmarius, le Palmer, le Palmere, Lee, Leitch, Letcher, Lewis, Lidford, Littell, Lockwood, Loving, Lutz, Lyle, Lyon, Mallory, Manly, Mansfield, Martain, Martin, Marty, Mason, Massey, Mathews, Mayes, Mays, McAlexander, McCabe, McCamant, McCarter, McClean, McCullock, McDaniels, McDowell, McElrath, McGowen, McNaught, McNeely, McNieley, Mechaux, Meeker, Mehone, Meisner, Mercer, Meriwether, Merrill, Michaux, Miles, Miller, Mills, Milstead, Mitchell, Montague, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morral, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Muffitt, Murphey, Musthill, Myles, Nemo, Nevels, Nevil, Nevill, Niles, Nimmo, Nimo, Norton, Oglesbey, Oldage, Orr, Osborn, Owen, Paddock, Page, Palmer, Pardee, Park, Parr, Patterson, Pattison, Payne, Peabody, Peckham, Penn, Perkins, Phillips, Philpott, Pierce, Pin­ney, Pollard, Porter, Powell, Powill, Pratt, Pray, Prescott, Price, Purcell, Pursel, Pursley, Putnam, Quarles, Rae, Rawdon, Read, Reade, Redington, Reed, Reid, Rice, Richmond, Riley, Rise, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rodes, Rogers, Ronayne, Ronayne, Rose, Rossiter, Ruble, Ryan, Sale, Savage, Sawyer, Scofield, Scofield, Scott, Secrist, Shaw, Shelton, Shepherd, Sherman, Sherwood, Ship, Simonds, Simons, Simson, Skinner, Sloan, Smith, Smoot, Snow, Snowe, Spring, St. John, Stadtmiller, Stamforth, Stanhope, Staples, Stephenson, Stevens, Stevins, Stewart, Stovall, Stratton, Stradley, Stringer, Stringer, Sutherland, Sweete, Taliaferro, Tankersley, Tarrant, Tayler, Tease, Terrant, Thomas, Thurmond, Tilman, Tripp, Trowbridge, Trumbull, Turner, Tyler, Upshaw, Vanhouten, Vaughan, Veale, Wade, Waggoner, Walker, Waller, Ware, Warren, Warwick, Waterbury, Watson, Watts, Webb, Webster, White, Whitehead, Wiatt, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Winans, Wing, Winkler, Witt, Wood, Woods, Wright, Yancey, Yates, Young, Young, Ziegler.
Colonial Genealogist #35
Published as The Colonial Geneaolgist Issue #35 (X:1) Oct. 1979, 70pp. Some Sherman Lines by Bertha L. Stratton, FAS (CG35-4) Some Descendants of George Stafford of North Carolina, of the Counties Now Called Washington and Alamance, Ancestor of Thomas Patten Stafford the Astronaut by Robert Joseph Curfman, MA, FAS/hc (CG35-13) The Custis Family of Virginia Part III: Seaside or Custis Neck Branch, by Nora Miller Turman, CG, FAS/hc (CG35-25) The Pratt Family by Dame Mildred Rania, DCR, OAE (CG35-31) Family of Ulrich Stauffer/Stover of Virginia and Pennsylvania, Part II by Sheila Spencer Stover, MAS (CG35-47) Ancestral Lines: #32: Hendrikson Van Doesburgh, Hendricks, Dusenbury, Thorn, Fowler, Woolsey, Coe, Anderson, Blauvelt, Wright, Formhals, Yates, Peters (CG35-53) #33: Yates, Staniard, Randolph, Jameson, Risley, Osborne, Knowland, Formhals (CG35-54) #34: Hambscher, Marschali, Hamcher, Hackmanin, Hamsher, Waldman, Hampsher, Anderson, Smith, Golden (CG35-55) #35: Hohwetder (Howerter), Hurrenmayer, Hochwarter, Krohn, Bastrus, Hinderliter, Zeigler, Kerstetter (CG35-56) Reviews Ridge: The Bateman Connection Sherman: Mayflower Families through Five Generations, Vol. II Core: The Monongalia Story Queries, surname interests, news and notes, etc.
The Augustan Omnibus
An International Journal of History, Heraldry, Genealogy, Royalty, and Chivalry. An Official Publication of The Augustan Society, Inc. ISSN 0004-7988 One-hundred-twenty-one issues published to date 8½×11", full color, illustrated. Subscription price is for one issue; the publication schedule is annual, with a target of September each year Subscriptions begin with the current in-print issue unless otherwise requested Orders for up to five issues will be accepted; further orders will be refunded or a credit issued  
Little Manual of Heraldry
by Carl Alexander von Volborth 8½x11" perfect bound, illustrated, 87 pp., 1966 An excellent introduction for the beginner, especially those in America who may not be familiar with heraldic traditions, this meaty and profusely illustrated handbook will prove a supportive quick reference for the more advanced student as well.
Colonial Genealogist #46
Published as Colonial Genealogist Issue #46 (XII:4); as part of The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 7, 1986; 22 pp. Re: You and I Really Cousins? or, How Many Ancestors Did We Have in AD 1 and in 1700 B.C.? by Arden H. Brame, Jr. II (CG46-74) The Hazards of Chivalry: A Happening in Lancaster County, Virginia 307 Years Ago (CG46-78) Captain Thomas Carter of "Barford", Lancaster County, Virginia: A Second View by Dollye McAlister Elliott (CG46-79) Some American Descendants of The Prophet Mohammed by Charles Recker, FSO (CG46-81) Augustan Society Library Emigrant Card Files: Part I: A-I, Colonial Emigrants (CG46-83) Additional Notes on the English Ancestry of Cornelius Dabney (1631–1693/4) of Virginia by Arden H. Brame, Jr. II (CG46-88) Ancestral Lines: Hopper, Hendricks, Paulus, Quackenbush, Cuyper, Sanford, Smith, Gilimor, Hampsher, Golden (CG46-90) Queries, surname interest listings, etc.
Augustan Society Information Bulletin #10
Published as The Augustan Society Information Bulletin #10 (VIII:1) January 1965, 18pp. The Order of the Temple: Yesterday and Today by Forest E. Barber KCN, BS, MA (ASIB10-2) Primogeniture, Not Tannistry by R. Thomas Cheevers Esq. (ASIB10-15) Letters, etc.
Chivalry #1
Published as Chivalry (I:1) issue #1,1974, 16pp. Introduction The Orders of Chivalry & Knighthood (Part 1), list of kinds and types with dates of foundation (C1-2) 10 biographies of International Knights and Dames, including: Joseph Borg (C1-7) Arthur Melville Clark (C1-8) Joseph Galea (C1-9) Msgr. Anthony J. Gauci (C1-10) Baron Mario di Genova di Salle (C1-11) Sir Rodney Hartwell (C1-12) T.A. Keith-Hill (C1-13) Bela de Kezdy Vasarhelyi de Kezd (C1-14) John Harris Rea (C1-15) Benigno Toda y Toledo (C1-16)
Chivalry #2
Published as Chivalry Issue #2 (I:2) 1974, 16pp (17–32). Book Review: The Knightly Twilight; by Lt.Col. Gayre of Gayre & Nigg (C2-17) The Orders of Chivalry & Knighthood (Part 2) (C1-3) Some Problems connected with Order "Lists" (C2-22) Ten biographies of International Knights and Dames: Jose Ambrosi Cararro (C2-23) Robert Gayre of Gayre and Nigg (C2-24) John Ross Matheson (C2-25) Raymond S. Morris (C2-26) H. Carroll Parish, Jr. (C2-27) Alvaro Jose Marquis de Santa Maria de Silvela (C2-28) Robert C.E.T. Roberts (C2-29) Sir Hannibal Scicluna (C2-30) R. Mingo Sweeney (C2-31) The Rev. Emmett M. Waits. (C2-32) Queries, etc.
Chivalry #3
Published as Chivalry Issue #3 (I:3) 1975, 16pp (33–48). When Is a Knight Not a Knight? (C3-34) The Orders of Chivalry & Knighthood (Part 3) (C1-3) No Lineage? (C3-38) Ten biographies of International Knights and Dames: J.V. Abela (C3-39) Roger de Bryon-Faes (C3-40) Robert W.Y. Formhals (C3-41) Henry P. Leis, Jr. (C3-42_ The Rev. James Parker (C3-43) The Rev. Major General Patrick J. Ryan (C3-44) Charles Szathmary de Kovend (C3-45) Endre Tamaska de Baranch (C3-46) Sir George Lenox Wilson III (C3-47) John P. Winkelmann. (C3-48) Chivalric Queries, etc.
Chivalry #4
Published as Chivalry Issud #4 (I:4) 1976, 15pp (49–63). Comments Editorial: "Educate" Ten biographies of International Knights and Dames: Henri Bockstal (C4-53a) The Rev. Gordon Hyslop (C4-53b) August-Gaston Homble (C4-54) Baron Erich M. Lindenstjerna (C4-55) Peyton S. Moncure (C4-58) Edward J.B. Irving (C4-59) Henning J. Ingvordsen (C4-60a) Wayne Earle Parthun (C4-60b) Donald R. Puller (C4-61) Dame Mildred Dick Rania (C4-62)
Chivalry #5
Published as Chivalry, Issue #5 (II:1) 32pp (67–98) 5½×8½". Sir Rodney Hartwell, KtB(Y), OAE. Introduction to Volume Two. Forest E. Barber, OAE; illustrated by Sir Lee MacMahon, KtB, FAS, OAA. Heraldry of the Royal Yugoslavian Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, commonly called the Knights Hospitallers. (C5-72) Chev. Dr. Ernesto Rojas y Benavides, KTJ. Civil Prizes, Decorations and Awards of the Mexican Republic. (C5-83) Col. The Chev. Joseph V. Abela, FAS. New Grand Prior of the Grand Priory in the British Realm of the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. (C5-84) Capt. The Chev. J. Harvey Macpherson, OL, KLJ. The Chivalric Ideal. (C5-88) Yugoslavia. Royal Proclamation Establishing the Royal Yugoslavian Supranational College and Commission of Chivalry. (C5-91) The Noble Company of the Rose (C5-94) Book Review: Robert Freiherr von Prochazka. Österreiches Ordenshandbuch. Reviewed by Forest E. Barber, OAE (C5-97) International Register of Knights and Dames Biography #41: His Serene Highness Ernst August Furst zur Lippe (C5-92)
Chivalry #6
Published as Chivalry Issue #6 (II:2) 1982, 32pp, 5½×8½". Anon. Heritage of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George. (C6-104) Anon. Organization of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George. (C6-105) Anon. Chivalric Activities of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George. (C6-115) Anon. The Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies. (C6-119) Editorial; illustrations, etc.