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Statement of Petition for Membership in The Augustan Society, Inc.

I wish to join with The Augustan Society, Inc., its officers, and its members, in assisting with the historical preservation, publication, and other programs undertaken by the Society as best I am able.

I am willing to help support the Society's library, museum, historic preservation activities, and public education programs, as well as other programs that may be undertaken from time to time. I recognize that as a member I will be called upon to offer specific support in the form of original articles, artwork, book reviews, preservation work, research assistance, or financial support. I agree to help my fellow members in their efforts on behalf of the Society, in their personal research, and to offer support for related programs well run by other organizations.

I promise to uphold the traditions of chivalry and to promote chivalric ideals in society.



Please check all of the subjects in which you have an interest:
Ancient & Medieval History
Royalty & Nobility
Publications, including Web Sites
Library & Archives

Payment of dues and fees

Petition fee (non-refundable)


Certificate fee


Insignia fee (members' pin only)


First year's dues and Omnibus subscription


Total to be remitted*


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Petitions received after 1 July of any year will not renew annual membership until December of the following year. Those received earlier will renew the following December.