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Petition for Membership in the Society of Descendants of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

I do hereby petition the Board of Directors of The Augustan Society, Inc., for admission to the Society of Descendants of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem as a life member in the following class:

Outremer Member

Crusader Member

Pilgrim Member

I promise to uphold the traditions of chivalry and to promote chivalric ideals in society.

Outremer Petitioners must attach a proven lineage from an ancestor who resided in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Because Outremer membership is based on descent, it is important that the genealogical proofs submitted be clear and authoritative. You may submit more than one line of descent, but a separate genealogist's fee must be paid for each line. If a lineage is not approved, an additional Genealogist Fee must be paid with each resubmission.

Crusader Petitioners must submit documentation attesting to membership in one of the Orders of Chivalry which fought in the Holy Land during the Crusades. If you have previously been recognized for such membership, it will be reflected in the postnominals used by the Society.

Pilgrim Petitioners must submit copies of documentation showing proof of pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

All three classes pay the registration fee, and more than one class may be applied for simultaneously under a single fee. Outremer petitioners must also pay a genealogist's fee for each lineage submitted.

All three classes receive a certificate of membership and the insignia of the Society. At present, only the lapel pin is available. When finances permit production of the breast plate, it will be sent to active members at no additional charge.

Payment of dues and fees

Note: This item presumes a petition for Outremer Membership, and thus charges the $25 Genealogist Fee. To petition under other classes, use the "Pay By Mail" option and send a $100 donation separately.

Petition Fee (non-refundable) $15.00
Entry Fee 85.00
Genealogist Fee, per lineage     25.00
Total: $125.00