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English Genealogist #22

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Published as pages 23–44 of The Augustan Omnibus Book Ten in 1989, including:

  • Early History of the Brame-Brim Family, 1674–1725, in Middlesex County, Virginia and the Brend-Brim Family, 1544–1666, in the Dart River Valley, Devonshire, England by Arden H. Brame Jr. II, OAE
  • The Shortest Reign in English History? by R. Thomas Cheevers FAS, OAA, ODI
  • A Possible (but Unproven) Descent of General Sir Isaac Brock (1768–1812) from King Edward III and Queen Phillipa by Charles Recker FSO
  • Sir Oliver Cromwell (1562–1655) by Mary Jane Sanborn Lewis
  • Sir Horatio Pallavacini by Mary Jane Sanborn Lewis
  • The Eleanor Crosses of Eleanor of Castile, Wife of King Edward I by Mary Reed
  • Hunting the Mallard by Roger Waddington
  • Lineage Problems: Hygebed/Hikbed/Higby/Higbee
  • Queries, surname interest listings, etc.
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