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Genealogical Library Journal #14

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Published as Genealogical Library Journal (IV:2), Issue #14, 1989, 22pp., part of The Augustan Omnibus Book 10, including:

  • “Meet the Staff of The Augustan Society Library”
  • “Photos from Annual Holiday Meeting for Library Fund Raiser”
  • “Newsletters Beware!” by William A. Yates
  • “A Director of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, Genealogical Centers: Including Some in Kentucky and Indiana”
  • “Chester County, Pennsylvania, Archives and Records Services”
  • “New Catalogue for 1,6000 Genealogical Loan Collection Maintained by the Connecticut Historical Society”
  • “Regional Archives Renamed”
  • “Accessions and Exhibits: National Archives—Mid Atlantic Region”
  • “The National Archives Publishes a Comprehensive Catalog for Genealogists”
  • “Clayton Library: Center for Genealogical Research” by Trevia Wooster Beverly
  • “An Outline of the Collections of The Augustan Society Library”
  • Editoral, Letters
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