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Chivalry #10

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Published as "Chivarly Committee" within The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 12, 1990, 15pp (38–52), including:

  • The History and Future of a Scottish Castle Part II; by Stuart G.C. Morris of Balgonie, ygr., FAS(Scot)
  • A Knight's Manual; by Wilson Van Dusen, FAS, OAA
  • Usage of the Italian Title Cavaliere; by Louis Mendola, FAS
  • Reflections on “The Teutonic Order—An Honorary Order”; by James A. Frost
  • Arms of the Hochmeister S. Gn. P. Dr. Armold Wieland, OT; by R. Mingo Sweeney, GCLJ
  • The Iron Cross; by R. Mingo Sweeney, FAS/hc
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