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Genealogical Library Journal #17

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Published as “The Augustan Society Library” in The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 13, 1991, 9pp.

  • “Lost Knowledge” by Lt. Col. Oscar H. Stroh, FAS
  • Additions to the Augustan Society Library:
    • Karen T. Ackerman, comp.; Laird C. Towle, PdH, ed. Genealogical Periodical Annual Indes: Key to the Genealogical Literature, Vol. 27, 1990.
    • Cecil C. Alton. Family History: Descendants of John Hamilton Alton.
    • Lindsay L. Brook, ed. Studies in Genealogy and Family History in Tribute to Charles Evans on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday.
    • Michael V.S. Bruce, ed. The Bruce Journal: Dedicated to the Study of Family Relationships, Vol 1., No. 3, Summer 1990.
    • Michel L. Call. King Edward I Wall Chart.
    • Michel L. Call. Royal Ancestors of Some American Families.
    • Jane Cox and Timothy Padfield. Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Record Office.
    • David Dobson. Scottish-American Heirs: 1683–1883.
    • Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby, FAS. Germans to America: Lists of Passengers Arriving at US Ports, Vol. 10: January 3 1856–April 27, 1857.
    • Lois Horowitz. A Bibliography of Military Name Lists From Pre-1675 to 1900: A Guide to Genealogical Sources.
    • Janina W. Hoskins. Polish Genealogy & Heraldry: An Introduction to Research.
    • George F. Jones. German-American Names.
    • G.W. Lasker and C.G.N. Mascie-Taylor. Atlas of British Surnames.
    • Mary Keyson Meyer and William F. Filby, eds. Who's Who in Genealogy and Heraldry, 1990, 2nd ed.
    • David Moody. Scottish Family History.
    • David Moody. Scottish Local History: An Introductory Guide.
    • Cecil Sinclair. Tracing Your Ancestors: A Guide to Ancestry Research in the Scottish Record Office.
    • John Hale Stutesman. Some Watkins Families of Virginia and their King: Abbott, Anderson, Bas, Clay, Fox, Farrar, Hancock, Hundley, Montague, Moseley, Randolph, Walthall, Woolridge.
    • Corinne J. Swaney. A Cook(e) Book: From the Mayflower to the Present.
    • Gary E. Swinson, Ed. Sixty-Seven Years of Barber Family Reunions.
    • Dana Bentley-Cranch. Royal Faces: From William the Conqueror to the Present Day.
    • Malcome Billings. The Cross and the Crescent: A History of the Crusades.
    • D.V. Clarke et al. Symbols of Power at the Time of Stonehenge.
    • John Clark. Saxon and Norman London.
    • Geddes MacGregor. Scotland Forever Home: An Introduction to the Homeland for American and Other Scots.
    • Phoenix and Arabeth. The Magic of Ancient Egypt: A Cultural Reconstruction and Key to the Civilization.
    • Anna Ritchie. Scotland BC: An Introduction to the Prehistoric Houses, Tomns, Ceremonial Monuments, and Fortifications in the Care of the Secretary of State for Scotland.
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