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The Augustan #66

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Published as Forebears Vol. XV, No. 2, Spring 1972, 68pp.

  • Charlemagne and the Crown of the Holy Roman Empire by Luise Sheridan
  • French Dukes by John H. Nicholls FAS
  • Malta and the Knights of St. John Part 2 by Charles MacKinnon of Dunakin
  • Monarchies of the World: Part III by L.G. Pine
  • A Brief Comment: Scotland's Heraldry by Edward J.B. Irving
  • Red Field—White Eagle: An Introduction to Polish Surnames & a Comment on Polish Heraldry by R.A. Kozlowski
  • Ex Libris
  • Breviarium Heraldicum by Walter Angst
  • Heraldic Notes & News by Elizabeth Crutchfield
  • P.E.D.I.G.R.E.E. Progress Report by Charles F. Wilkes FAS
  • Findings Regarding the Ancestry of William Dungan by Robert Joseph Curfman MA
  • The Royal Origin of the Lt. General of the Order of Malta trans. by Patricia Hartwell
  • A Magna Carta Descent: Henry de Bohun
  • An Imperial Descent: Charlemagne
  • A Royal Descent: King Edward I
  • Surname Notes: MacMurdo by Edward Wagner
  • Pedigree Problems
  • Queries—Genealogical
  • Saint Lazarus Investiture
  • The Augustan Bookman
  • Official Section
  • Honors Gazette
  • Editorial, letters, book reviews, want ads, etc.
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