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The Augustan #68

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Published as Forebears Vol. XV, No. 4, Fall 1972, 68pp.

  • Malta and the Knights of St John Part 4 by Charles MacKinnon of Dunakin
  • The 9th Century Kingdom of Greater Moravia by Enrico S. Molnar
  • Order of the Crown of Yugoslavia by Dr. K.-G. Klietmann
  • Tales of the Peerage by J.H. Nichols
  • Llanmadoc and the Order of the Temple by Dr. Maynard H. Mires
  • Going to Extremes by J.H. Nichols
  • Thoughts Pertaining to U.S. Heraldry by Mrs. Montgomery L. Holst
  • Heraldic Notes & News by E. Crutchfield
  • Ex Libris
  • Another View on the Committee Against Fraud in Heraldry by C.R. Humphery-Smith
  • Breviarium Heraldicum by Walter Angst
  • Supplement to Findings Regarding the Ancestry of William Dungan by R.J. Curfman
  • The Loy Bureau: Reference and Biographical Charts
  • A Multi-Royal and Noble Descent of One Augustan
  • The Early House of Wirtemberg by H.D. Birk
  • Surname Notes: MacGowan by Edward Wagner
  • Pedigree Problems
  • Queries—Genealogical
  • Book Reviews by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania
  • The Augustan Society Library
  • Official Section
  • Editorial, letters, want ads, etc.
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