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The Augustan #5

Category: Back Issues » Augustan Society Information Bulletin

Published as The Augustan Society Information Bulletin VII:3, July 1964, 20pp.

  • The Noble Families of the Valley of Mexico by Don F.E. Barber y Weller KMT
  • Judge Alfred Stedman Hartwell in the Kingdom of Hawaii by Rodney E. Hartwell
  • Arms and the Clan by Captain Chevalier J. Harvey Macpherson KHL, KLJ
  • Book Reviews:
    • A Carolina-Virgina Genealogy by York L. Wiilson
    • The Counts Bobrinskoy: A Genealogy by David Geoffrey Williamson
    • The Handy Book for Genealogists 4th ed. by George Everton Sr. and Gunnar Rasmuson
    • Dawn to Twilight in American Colonization by Charles Sandy
    • The Life of Dr. Samuel A Mudd by Nettie Mudd
    • The Family of Stephen Bull by Henry Bull
    • The Townships of Mother Cumberland by Ramond M. Bell
    • Raymond, Abbot, Jackson and Allied Families by John M. Reymond
    • A Reed Family in America by Forrest F. Reed
    • A Genealogical Atlas of England and Wales by D. Gardner, D. Harland, and F. Smith
  • News, etc.
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