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The Augustan #9

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Published as The Augustan Society Information Bulletin VII:7, December 1964, 21pp.

  • Arms of Ecclesiastics of the Catholic Church by Rev. Dom William Wilfrid Bayne OSB, ChLJ
  • The Sacred Military constantinian Order of Saint George by Giscomo C. Bascape, trans. by Forest E. Barber KCN, KHL, KMT
  • The Crown and the Scottish Tradition by J. Harvey Macpherson
  • Observations on "Americans: Second-Class Knights" by Chevalier Captain J. Harvey Macpherson KLJ
  • Book Reviews:
    • The Flowering of the Maryland Palatinate by Harry Wright Newman KLJ, review by Forest E. Barber
    • Jutland by Captain Donald MacIntyre RN, review by Brian John Stone-Edwards
    • Unsere Vorfahren: Ein kurzer Ausschnitt aus der Familiengeschichte der Grafen von Clam und Galas zum Schloss Campo und Freyenthurn by Wilhelm von Blaschek, review by Forest E. Barber KCN, KHL, KMT
    • Etude illustree sure l'Histoire de l'Ordre Souverain Militaire Hospitalier de St. Jean de Jerusalem, dit de Rhodes, dit de Malta by G.F. de Thierry, review by Forest E. Barber KCN, KHL, KMT
    • Concise History of Freemasonry (Including Knight Templary) by Calvin I. Kephart, review by Forest E. Barber KCN, KHT, KMT
    • Editorial, etc.
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