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Chivalry #13

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Published by the Chivalry Committee as Chivalry Vol. IV, No. 1, Issue #13 in 2001, 64pp., including:

  • Report of the Orders of Knighthood Committee [2001] by Lawrence B. Barnes, FAS, Chairman
  • A Twentieth Century Knight Speaks by Don Carlos of Valldemosa
  • Recognition of Orders of Knighthood and of Institutions of Chivalric Nature [1970] by J. Robert Carroll, FAS
  • Knights and Knighthood, Status, Attributes, Titles & Ranks by Robert W. Formhals, DCL, FAS
  • Some Aspects of Knighthood by Paul J. Vassallo with Charles MacKinnon
  • Charitable Knighthood by Dr. Jorge Raul da Silva Preto, JD
  • Orders of Chivalry and the Americas by Forest E. Barber, FAS
  • King and Constitution in International Law by Stephen P. Kerr y Baca, JD, FAS
  • The Case of the Petrine Peerage by Forest E. Barber, FAS
  • Editorial, etc.
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