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Irish-American Genealogist #9

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Published as Irish-American Genealogist Issue #9–12, 1978, 63pp.

  • Cover: Arms of Sir Lee MacMahon
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  • Ancestral Lines:
    • #9: “Spelman-Connor-Herrschaft-Sharp-Crill” by Anna Sharp Crill
    • #10: “Davis-Farrell-Roberts-Sperry-Smith-Mead-Carreras” by Nadine Sperry Carreras
    • #11: “Linehan/Linnahan-Connell-Hyde-Mahaney/Mahana-Walsh-Nichols-Woodbury-Donovan-Greenwood-Hall-Mullins-Bacalso-Alino” by Eilene Hall
    • #12: “Donovan-McCarthy-Greenwood-Yott-Mahana-Nichols-Hall-Mullins-Dumouchel-Snyder” by Eilene Hall
    • #13: “O’Connor-O’Neil-Kavanaugh-Griffin-Hartnett-Courtney-Fitzgerald-Lickfeld” by Carol O'Connor Schwab
  • “The Richard Donovan Family of Bath, Ontario” by Eileen Hall
  • “Some Burials in St. Leonard’s Garden, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland” by Mrs. John A. Gerbel
  • “Irish Togetherness: the Kinna and Omara Families in Ontario” by Joe Kearns
  • “Some Baptismal Records at St. Mary’s Church, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland” by Mrs. John A. Gerbel
  • “From the Finger Lakes to the Rock of the Men (Canandaigua to Carraig na bhFear)” by Eileen Hall
  • Reviews by Rodney Hartwell:
    • William Adams. Dalraida or North Antrim.
    • Rose Ellis Berg and Beverly Forrest Jeanson. St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Pine Island, Minnesota: 1878–1978.
    • Sir Arthur Vicars, Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland: 1536–1810.
  • “The Scotch-Irish in America’s History” by Eric Montgomery
  • “Passengers from Ireland 1822” [to the United States]
  • “Irish Surnames” by L.G. Pine, FAS
  • Notes from the Augustan Society Publications Committee
  • “A Survey of Irish Genealogical Research” Part I, by Leonard M. Keane, Jr.
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