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Irish-American Genealogist #13

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Irish-American Genealogist Issues #13–16, 1979, 55pp.

  • “Tracing Your Irish Ancestors” by Basil O’Connell, KM
  • “Problems of Irish Genealogy” by Basil O’Connell, KM
  • “A Brief Outline of the History of the Family of John Blackwell (1800–1865) and His Wife, Elizabeth Biggs Murphy (1805–1888)” by John D. Blackwell
  • “A Corrected Irish Pedigree” by R. Thomas Cheevers, FAS, OAA, FSA(Scot.)
  • “Some Celtic Tribal Heraldry and Ancient Arms of Ireland” by Sir Lee MacMahon
  • Queries
  • Surname Interest Listings
  • Ancestral Lines:
    • #14: “Wilkin-Duncan-Ellis-Manly-Fouts-Harris-Zeigler-Johnson-Manley” by Mrs. Hellen M. Johnson
  • Reviews and Publications Received:
    • Irish County Maps Showing the Locations of Churches in Munster Province, reviewed by John D. Blackwell
    • Janine Wiedel. Irish Tinkers, reviewed by Patricia Kirkwood
    • Fred L. McKitrick, The McKitricks & Roots of Ulster Scots, reviewed by Patricia Kirkwood
    • Ray A. Jones, Ulster Pedigrees, Descendants, In Many Lines, Of James Orr and Janet McClement, reviewed by Patricia Kirkwood
    • Eire-Ireland, reviewed by Rodney Hartwell
    • Newsletter Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guild, reviewed by Rodney Hartwell
  • News and Notes
  • “Contents of Issues One through Twelve of the Irish-American Genealogist
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