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Irish-American Genealogist #36

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Published as Irish Research Committee as part of The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 14, 1993, 18pp (121–138), including:

  • The Crowns of Munster and Desmond; by The MacCarthy Mor, Prince of Desmond
  • Gaelic Feudalism and the Kingdom of Desmond; by The Count of Clandermond
  • Towards a Classification of Current Nobiliary Titles in Use in Ireland; by the Lord of Duhallow
  • O'Conor Don, Prince of Connacht: The Direct Descendant of the Last High King of Ireland the Hereditary Kings of Connacht; by Daithi P. Hanly
  • The Companions of the Royal House of O'Conor (Chompananch na Craoibhe Rioga) a brief commentary; by Daithi P. Hanly
  • Queries, Surname Interest Listings, etc.
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