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Scottish-American Genealogist #29

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Published as Scottish-American Genealogist (VIII:1–4) issues #29–32, 42pp (215–256), including:

  • The Lauders of Lauder and Bass: the Dicks of Orkney and Grange; by Dame Mildred Rania
  • A Treatise on the History of the Cowan Family of Scotland; by Robert Louis Cowan
  • Heraldry of the Cowans; by Robert Louis Cowan
  • Totemistic Symbols as Sources of Surnames [Gaddis/Geddes]; by Luman L. Gaddis
  • A Review of Some Scottish References: Some Old and Some New [reference literature]; by Rodney Hartwell
  • The Hereditary Order of Descendants of the Kingdom of Scotland: A Proposal; by Scott Roderick MacMillan
  • Queries
  • Surname Interest Listings
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