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Scottish-American Genealogist #33

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Published as "Scottish Research Committee" within The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 12, 17pp (141–157), including:

  • Queen Margaret's Chapel: A Personal Sanctuary for All Those By the Name of Margaret; by William D. Setzekorn
  • The Covenanters; by William L. Kirk Jr., PhD
  • Dunblane Cathedral; contributed by Curtiss B. Stirling
  • The Succession to the Throne of Scotland in 1542; by John H. Nicholls FAS
  • The Meanderings of Morton... and the Peregrinations of Perth; by John H. Nicholls FAS
  • An Old Baronetcy; by John H. Nicholls FAS
  • The Treaty of Union and Sovereignty for Scotland 1707–1990; by Bailey McCune of Coll-Earn and Elphinstone, Baron of Elphinstone, PhD, FAS
  • The King Comes Home; by Ross McCune of Elphinstone, ygr.
  • A Modern Sculptor of Note (Alastair Ross)
  • The Hereditary Order of Descendants of the Kingdom of Scotland of The Augustan Society, Inc.
  • Queries
  • Surname Interest Listings
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