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Spanish-American Genealogist #39

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Published as Spanish-American Genealogist issues #39–42 (IX:1–4), 1981, 37pp (695–731), including:

  • La Villa de San Miguel de Culiacan en el Arlo de 1531; by Rudecinda Lo Buglio, FAS
  • Roman Catholic Church Records in Mobile, Alabama; by Glen R. Johnson, Sr.
  • Enlistment Record of Jose Antonio Buelna; by N.M. Vasquez
  • Bestia Mular: Mules and the History of Baja California; by Harry W. Crosby
  • Passengers from Portugal 1893; by Robert E. Stiens, FAS
  • American-Portuguese Genealogical Society of America, Inc.
  • Ancestral Line from D. Rodrigo (de Borgia); by W.L. Porter
  • Alvaro Rodrigo, Count of Urgel; by R.L. Stimmel, FAS
  • The Spanish Naming System Using Saints' Days as a Guide (Part 1); by Rudecinda Lo Buglio, FAS
  • Invalidos at Santa Fe 1787; by N.M. Vasquez
  • Ancestral Line: Cortes
  • Passengers to the United States from Spain and Hispanic Areas 1821–1823, from lists in the State Department of the U.S.
  • Review:
    • Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in new Mexico and Colorado by John R. & Christine M. Van Ness; review by Rudecinda Lo Buglio, FAS
  • Queries, surname interest listings, publications, etc.
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