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The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 6

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Published as The Augustan Society Omnibus, Book 6, Summer 1974, 140pp.

  • Letters
  • Forebears (XVII:2) Issue #74
  • The Colonial Genealogist (VII:1) Issue #24
  • Book Reviews by Mildred Irwin Dick Rania, FAS:
    • Rev. Donald J. Hébert. Southwest Louisiana Records Vol. 1 (1756–1810). Eunice LA: Hébert, 1974, 592pp.
    • Raymond Gingras. Précis du Généalogiste Amateur. Québec City: Gingras, 1973, 40pp.
    • Neil H. Howard and Bessie W. Quinn. Moragnes in America and Related Families. Birmingham: Banner Press, 1971, 552pp.
    • Janis Heidenreich Miller, comp., & Dr. Francis Dycus Threadgill. Threadgills in America: A Colonial Virginia Family. Baltimore: Deford & Co., n.d., 182pp.
    • Harriet Scofield and Henry Burdette Whipple. A Scofield Survey. High Point NC: Whipple, 1972, 133pp.
  • Honors List, 1974
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