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Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies #1

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Published by The Octavian Society as The Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies, Vol. 1, 1982/82, 113pp.

  • “Introduction” by Rodney Hartwell
  • Errata
  • “Enea Nel Lazio: An Archaeological Exhibition” a review by Ronald W. Teague, FSO
  • “The Hebrew Origins of the Kings of Sparta” by Charles Recker, FSO
  • “A Quick Glance Down the Appian Way” by Evelyn J.T. Metzler, FAS, ODI, FSO
  • Book Review
    • Gaius Julius Caesar. The Battle for Gaul. Trans. Anne & Peter Wiseman. Review by Neil D. Thompson, FAST, FAS, FSO
    • J.B. Bury. History of the Later Roman Empire. Review by Gary S.B. Caillaghegyi, FSO
  • “Death in Teutoburger Forest” Gustav E. Pergi, FAS, FSO
  • “The Worship of Augustus: Part I” by Rodney Hartwell, FSO
  • “The Organization of the Roman State under Augustus: A Universal Model” by Robert W. Formhals, FAS, FSO, KCR
  • “The Fateful Year: AD 238” by Gustav B. Pergi, FAS, FSO, KCR
  • “A Study in Early Celtic Genealogies: Dyfed” by David H. Kelley, FASG, FSO
  • “Amantius: A Fifth Century ‘Con’ Man” by Prof. Allen Cabaniss, FAS, FSO
  • “Childeric: King of the Vandals” by Charles Recker, FSO
  • “The Liturgical Kalendar and Rouncesvalles” by Prof. Allen Cabaniss, FAS, FSO
  • “Vignettes of Childhood in the Early Carolingian World” by Prof. Allen Cabaniss, FAS, FSO
  • “The Daughters of King Edward the Elder (899–925)” by Arthur Germond, FSO
  • “El Aguila Bicéfala de Byzancio o la II Roma” by Prof. Teodoro Láiscaris-Comneno, FSO
  • “Notes Concerning the Chart ‘Byzantine Ancestors of D. Juan Carlos, King of Spain’” by Robert L. Stimmel, FAS, FSO
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