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Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies #3

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Published by The Octavian Society as The Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies, Vol. #3, 1984/5, including:

  • Ancient Egypt: An Examination of Changing Perceptions, Rodney Hartwell, FSO
  • Ancestry of Leonidas, Hero of Thermopylae, Charles Recker, FSO
  • The Rape of the Sabines: Evidence for a Bio-Social Mythology, Gary S. Kendall
  • Matrons and Pretendresses: Third Century Women in the Historia Augusta, Stephen A. Stertz, FSO
  • The Roman Empire and Its Government 32 B.C.–A.D. 1806, Robert W. Formhals, FSO
  • Dalla Mostra al Museo: The Creation of the Museum of Roman Civilization, Ronald W. Teague, FSO
  • A Key to Descents from Antiquity, T. Stanford Mommaerts, (63 inter-related lines of descent from the ancient world, including Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, Iberia, Parthia, Persia, Babylon, Macedonia, Thrace, Antonii, Ivlii, Fvlvii, Heraclii, etc.)
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