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Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies #4

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Published by The Octavian Society as The Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies, Vol. #4, 1985, 84pp.

  • “Ancestry of Romulus and Remus” Charles Recker, FSO
  • “Ancestry of Pericles” Charles Recker, FSO
  • “Cleopatra’s Sri Lankan Cousins: An investigation of the dynastic history of the Indian sub-continent in the pre-Christian era” Lindsay L. Brook
  • “Additions to ‘A Key to Descents from Antiquity’” T. Stanford Mommaerts, FSO
  • “Possible Descent of Modern Royalty from Cyrus the Great” Robert L. Stimmel, FSO
  • “Jewish Kings and Other Ancestors of the Exilarchs” T. Stanford Mommaerts, FSO
  • “Psychosexual Development of the Woman: The Patrician Class in pre-Christian Pompeii” Ronald Teague, FSO
  • “Aelius Aristides on Rulership” Stephen A. Stertz, FSO
  • “The Military Awards and Decorations of the Imperial Roman Army” A.P. O’Rourke
  • “Julian, Puer Aeternas: A Psychological Interpretation” G.J. Werckle
  • “Ruler Ideal and the Roman Imperial Past in the Historia Augusta” Stephen A. Stertz, FSO
  • “Earliest Pilgrimages to the Holy Sepulchre” Allen Cabaniss, FSO
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