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Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies #7

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Published by The Octavian Society as The Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies, Vol. #7, 1988, 59pp.

  • “Plotting Babylonian Lineages: Descent from Mar-Istar” by Chris Velline, FSO, FAS
  • “Titles Used in Royal Relationships in Ancient Egypt” by Rodney Hartwell, FSO, FAS
  • Book Review by Rodney Hartwell, FSO, FAS/hc:
    • Kevin Miller. The Genealogy and Chronology of the Ramesside Period.
  • “The Ptolemids of Egypt and Other Places” by R.C. Walker, FAS
  • “Gnosis: A Mythical Fall Into Consciousness” by James E. Hamilton, MA
  • “Some Considerations in Reconstructing Ritual and Religious Practice” by James J. Duran, PhD
  • “The Piast Dynasty of Poland” by William A. Schleicher, FSO
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