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Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies #9

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Published by The Octavian Society as The Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies, Vol. #9, 1990, 74pp.

  • “Verismo in History: an Essay” Grant Michael Menzies, FSO
  • “Venetian Inscriptions: Solution to a Mystery?” Jožef Šavli, PhD
  • “Augustus: The Problem of Succession” Robert L. Cleve, PhD, FSO
  • “Observations on the Personality and Style of Leadership of the Emperor Hadrian” Bruce Metcalf, FSO
  • “From Monks to Friars and Clerks Regular: The Emergence of Individuality in the Middle Ages” Geddes MacGregor, PhD
  • “Saint Elisabeth: Princess of Hungary” Grant Michael Menzies, FSO
  • “The Ancestry of Maria Leszczynskya” T. Stanford Mommaerts
  • “A Continuation of Paget's Ancestry of the Prince of Wales, Part IX” Arthur Germond, FSO
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