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Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies #10

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Published by The Octavian Society as The Journal of Ancient and Medieval Studies, Vol. #10, 1991, 90pp.

  • “The Position of Julia Mamaea During the Reign of Severus Alexander” by Robert L. Cleve, PhD, FSO
  • “The Valentinians” by Grant Michael Menzies, MAS, FSO
  • “The Christian and Jewish Influence in Pre-Islamic Arabia: AD 300–600” by Jon R. Hufford, DLS
  • Review:
    • Christian Settipani. Nos Ancetres de l’Antiquite: Etudes des possibilities de liens genealogigues entre les familles de l’Antiquite et celles du haut Moyen-Age europeen. review by Rodney Hartwell
  • “The Image of Knighthood and the Evolution of Western Consciousness” an essay by Professor Richard W. Coan, PhD
  • “A Continuation of Paget’s Ancestry of the Prince of Wales: Part X” by Arthur Germond, FSO
  • “The Octavian Society: Ten Years” editorial by Rodney Hartwell
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