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Heraldry #7

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Published as Heraldry (II:3), Issue #7, 20pp., printed as part of The Augustan Omnibus Book Eleven, 1990, including:

  • “Black Panther: Coat of Arms of Carantania” by Jozef Savli
  • “Armorial Bearings in the Scottish Realm and of the Family and Clan Eoghain, MacEwen, Ewing, McCune, et al.” by Col. Sir Lee Dennis MacMahon, KtB(Y)
  • “U.S. Army Vexillology: Organizational Colors” by Capt. Christopher T. Mayer, MAS
  • “Test Your Intelligence Quotient in Heraldry” by Ernest E. Aitchison, OAA, FAS
  • “The Canadian Heraldry Authority” by The Chief Herald of Canada
  • “The Norman Origins of Heraldry” by Louis A. Mendola, FAS
  • “Heraldic Leatherwork” by Raymond Morris of Balgownie and Eddergoll
  • Editorial
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