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Heraldry #4

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Published as Heraldry (I:4), Issue #4, 1984, 54pp.

  • “An Introduction to The English Heraldic System” by L.G. Pine, FAS, FSO
  • “The History and Design of Italian Coats of Arms” by Louis A. Mendola, RH
  • “When Was The Last Heraldic Term Added to the Lexicon of Heraldry?” by R. Thomas Cheevers, FAS
  • “The National Emblem of the Polish Confederation” by Benedict Markowski
  • “Ravenscroft: A Quartered Coat and How It Grew” by Ruth Thayer Ravenscroft
  • “Notes on the Arms of the Mediaeval Despencers and the Spencers of Althorp Northamtonshire, Later Earls of Spencer” by Henry L.P. Beckwith, Jr.
  • “The System of Cadency in the House of Capet” by C.S.B. Csillaghegyi, FSO
  • Book Review by Fred Brauen:
    • Staatlicher Lehrmittelverlag. Wappenbuch des Kantons Bern: Armorial du Canton du Berne
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