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Heraldry #2

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Published as Heraldry (1:2) Issue #2, July 1976, 36pp., 5½×8½", including:

  • "Genealogical Research: Methods and Sources Is Not Authority For Claiming Wrong Coats of Arms by Milton Rubincam, FASG, FNGS, FGSP, CG
  • "An Armigerous Governor" by Adolf F.J. Karlovsky, FAS, KCLJ
  • The Heraldry Society of the U.S.A.
  • "The American College of Heraldry" by David P. Johnson
  • "More Hatchings" by Harold Bowditch, MD, FSA
  • "Swiss Record of the Achievement of a high dignitary of the St. Lazarus Order" by Adolf A.J. Karlovsky, FAS, KCLJ
  • Proceedings of the Heraldry Committee of The Augustan Society
  • Book Reviews:
    • General Armory Two: Alfred Morant's Additions and Corrections to Burke's "General Armour" by Cecil R. Humphrey-Smith, review by Elizabeth Crutchfield
    • Scottish Burgh and Country Heraldry by R.M. Urquhart, review by Elizabeth Crutchfield
    • The Royal Heraldry of England by J.H. and R.V. Pinches
    • Crozier's General Armory by William Armstrong Crozier, review by Elizabeth Crutchfield
  • "Violation of an Heraldic Principle" by John H. Nicholls, FAS
  • Editorial, etc.
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