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Nordmændene #1

Category: Back Issues » Nordmændene
  • Editorial: Genealogical Handshaking
  • Kalevala: The Finnish Epic by Dr. Roland Dille
  • The Norwegian Farm on Fimreite by Chris Velline
  • Genealogical Research in Finland by Philip N. Pinter
  • 27,000 Norwegians Changed Their Names
  • The Grave Yard of Frösö by Paul B. Du Chaillu
  • The Vikings in Ireland: First Installment by Seamus MacManus
  • Ancestral Lines:
    • Jonas Nilson Budde
    • Nils Anderson
    • Troels Ollson Falchenberg
    • Weddig Borg
    • Svenke Senum
    • Osmund Ketilson Lande
    • Gullack A. Klaevoll
  • News, queries, surname interest listings, etc.
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