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ICI Members' Newsletter #1

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Published as ICI Members' NL issue #1, November 1988, 13pp, including:

  • Bear Your Cross But Leave It At The Door
  • Internal Validity of Chivalric Awards by Wilson Van Dusen PhD
  • Cross of Honor by William D. Setzekorn, FAS,OAA
  • History in Opera by Lt.Col. Oscar H. Stroh, PE,KH,FAS, PhD
  • The Origin of the Brentano Family and Their Coat-Of-Arms by Richard Andriano-Moore, CH, KCR, OAA, FSO
  • Pendennis Castle by Maureen E. Schwarz
  • Sir William Wallace of Scotland, Knight (C.1270-1305) by Colonel Bailey Bruce McCune of Coll-Earn, Baron of Elphinstone
  • The Royal Yugoslav Commemorative War Cross 1941-45 by Col H. Harding Isaacson
  • The Maltese Cross by Ernest E. Aitchison, MS in Ed
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