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ICI Members' Newsletter #4

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Published as ICI Members' NL issue #4, November 1989, 9pp (35–43), including:

  • The Upper Crust; by R. Mingo Sweeney
  • Garter Day At Windsor Castle, 19 June 1989; by Donald R. Perkins
  • If I Had A Million; by Wilson Van Dusen, MAS
  • Some Hereditary Thoughts; by R. Mingo Sweeney, FAS/hc
  • Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George [Naples-Two Sicilies] American Delegation; by Rodney Hartwell, Director, ICI
  • The Most Sacred Order of the Orthodox Hospitallers; by Rodney Hartwell, Director, ICI
  • Hardly the Knights of Old, but Still on Crusades; by Marlise Simmons
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