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ICI Members' Newsletter #7

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Published as ICI Members' NL issue #7, July 1990, 16pp (68–83), including:

  • Sharing Another's Dream by Thomas Paul Westgaard, Captain, USAF-Ret.
  • Some Personal Thoughts on Chivalry by Christopher T. Mayer, Captain, U.S. Army
  • Courage & Loyalty by Colonel Bailey B. McCune of Coll Earn & Elphinstone, OStJ., KCCM
  • Standards for the Orders of Chivalry by Ernest E. Aitchison, Esq., MS in Ed.
  • Mold and Caergwrle Castles -- Tower submitted by Elizabeth Maureen Schwarz
  • On War: Some Thoughts by Richard N. Andriano-Moore
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