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ICI Members' Newsletter #10

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Published as ICI Members' NL issue #10, May 1991, 18pp (120–137), including:

  • A Use of Personal Analysis on a Chivalric Problem by Wilson Van Dusen, FAS
  • Second of a List of Ten Charges to Scottish Knights Given by the King in the 15th Century by Chevalier Colonel Bailey McCune of Coll-Earn and Elphinstone
  • Sir Ralph de Weed-on-Beck, Kt. by Richard Graf Andriano-Moore
  • The True Knight by Wilson van Dusen, FAS
  • Dorney Court, and Sir William Garrard submitted by M. Schwarz
  • Role Playing or Living a Role? by Thomas Paul Westgaard
  • Norwegian Noble Coats of Arms by Thomas Paul Westgaard
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