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ICI Members' Newsletter #12

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Published as ICI Members' NL issue #12, September 1991, 22pp (158–179), including:

  • The Quest of the Wandering Knight by Richard Mingo Sweeney
  • The Nature of Knighthood by Wilson Van Dusen, KCR, OAE
  • US: about you and me by Don Glossinger, Jr.
  • Knighthood and Chivalry in the Modern Era by Chev. A.L.B. Nicolson of Taransay, Kt
  • The International Space Flight Anniversary Association and the Space Flight Anniversary Star by Dewin Mak, MAS, OAA
  • The Military Order of St Thomas of Acre by Col. Donald r. Perkins
  • Charges to Scottish Knights Number 4 by Colonel Bailey McCune
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