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The Augustan #15

Category: Back Issues » Augustan Society Information Bulletin

Published as The Augustan Society Information Bulletin VIII:6, June 1965, 27pp.

  • The Golden Fleece for Rulers of Mexico by Luis Leon de la Barra KM
  • A Very Short Introduction to German Heraldry by Carl Alexander von Volborth
  • Templars and Masons: The Hidden Connection by Stephen A. Baron von Hoeller-Bertram KstJ, KTJ, DD
  • On the Booth Family: A Possible Solution to the Mystery of John Wilkes Booth by Julius F. Harmon
  • Book Review by Forest E. Barber KCN, KMT
    • Cuatro Grandes dinastias Mexicanas en los Descendientes de los Hermanos Fernandez de Lima y Barragan by Sra. Da. Matilda Cabrera Ipina de Corsi
  • Augustan Society Meeting in Mexico City
  • Official Section
  • Letters, etc.
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