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The Augustan #16

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Published as The Augustan Society Information Bulletin VIII:7 in July 1965, 26pp.

  • Cover: Emperor Maximilan of Mexico
  • Pillow Knights: Lions in the Bedroom, but Rabbits on the Battlefield by Forest E. Barber, KCN, KMT
  • Recollections of Hawaiian Royalty by Z. Luce
  • Heraldry in America by Fessel B. Koepnick, Esq.
  • Organizational Aids to the Genealogist by Stewart E. Luce
  • The Origins of the Russian and Papal Orders of Saint John of Jerusalem by Logan G. Wilshire, KCOSJ
  • Book Reviews:
    • Who's Who in Europe: 1964-1965, review by VP-S
    • Heraldry: The Story of Armorial Bearings by Walter Buehr, review by FEB
    • The Last Grand Duchess: Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna by Ian Vorres
    • Coats of Arms of Archbishops of Canterbury: A Heraldry Painting Book for Children by The Friends of Canterbury Cathedral
    • Heraldry and World Coinage by Harrison E. Thurman, review by FEB
    • Heiresses and Coronets by Lady Elizabeth Kinnaird (Pesud. Elizabeth Eliot), review by FEB
  • Comments on "Templars and Masons: The Hidden Connection” by Carl Alex von Volborth
  • Carolingian Descent of the Angevins by Rev. Dom William W. Bayne, OSB
  • Letters, etc.
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