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The Augustan #19

Category: Back Issues » Augustan Society Information Bulletin

Published as The Augustan Society Information Bulletin VIII:10, October 1965, 40pp.

  • Editorial: Weep, Athena, Weep!
  • The Medal of Membership of The Augustan Society
  • Election of Fellows of the Society
  • Coronets and Crowns by Carl Alexander von Volborth
  • Genealogy, R.I.P. by Lawrence B. Barnes
  • The VII International Congress of Genealogy and Heraldry
  • Witchcraft and Heraldry by Forest E. Barber KCN, KMT
  • Scandal! reprint from Hidalguia on the Commission of Orders of Chivalry (ICOC)
  • Book Reviews:
    • First Gentleman of the Bedchamber: The Life of the Duc de Richelieu, 1696-1788 by Hubert Cole, review by FEB
    • Haile Selassie: The Conquering Lion by Leonard Mosley, review by FEB
    • Heraldry and You by Prof. J.A. Reynolds, review by F.B. Koepnick
    • The Armorial Who Is Who: 1963-1965 by R. Gayre of Gayre and Nigg
  • Corrections, letters, etc.
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