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The Augustan #21

Category: Back Issues » Augustan Society Information Bulletin

Published as The Augustan Society Information Bulletin VIII:12 in December 1965, 43pp.

  • Editorial: The Adoption of Arms by Americans
  • Badges by Carl A. von Volborth FAS
  • The Medal of Membership of the Augustan Society
  • First Award of the medal of Membership
  • The Descendants of David Evers by Gregory E. May
  • Coronets and Crown for Uncle Sam?
  • A Curious Document: "Methinks she doth protest too much”
  • Book Review by Fessel B. Koepnick Esq:
    • The Army Lineage Book Vol. II: Infantry U.S. Army
  • Vanity of Vanities
  • Letters, etc.
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