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Eastern & Central European Genealogist #5

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Published as Eastern & Central European Genealogist Issue #5, 1985, 66pp., including:

  • "Maps of Eastern and Central Europe" by Marc A. Schindler
  • "Information on the Inhabitants of the Village of Billed (now in Romania) 1765–1900" by Rosemary Pfirrman
  • "The Noble Ancestry of a Hungarian Immigrant Family" by Irwin R. Triesel
  • "Some Stories About the Jews in Klosterneuberg: An Historical Invitation" by Janette Ferdinand Woods
  • "Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery: Cambria County, Spangler, Pennsylvania" by Alice R. Rapp
  • "At the Home of the Kassubens" by Don E. Specht
  • "Persons from Poland in the 1870 Census, Baltimore, Maryland" by Thomas L. Hollowak
  • "Baltimore’s Polonia: 1880" by Tomasz: L. Chołochwost
  • "Ancestral Line: Roth/Metzler" by E.J.T. Metzler, MA, FAS, ODI, FSO
  • Queries, Surname Interest Listings
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