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The Augustan #29

Category: Back Issues » Augustan Society Information Bulletin

Published as The Augustan Society Information Bulletin IX:8, August 1966, 28pp.

  • The Seal of the Chapter of the Bailiwick of Brandenburg of the Order of Saint John by Dr. Kurt-Gerhard Kleitmann
  • Descent from the Emperor Charlemagne by Catherine Foote Moyer
  • The Cross of St. John of Jerusalem by The Rev. Claude Shays Brett-Perring
  • Book Reviews:
    • Heraldry by Dudley Butler
    • Le Chevalerie et les Aspects Secrets de l'Historie by A. Gautier-Walter
  • The Tragic Destiny of the Stuarts by Luis León de la Barra KM, FAS
  • Ordo Constantini Magni (OCM): The International Constantinian Order
  • Avesnes and Dampierre: The Half-Brothers’ Feud by John H. Nicholls
  • The Royal Tragedy of King Freddie by Stephen Baron von Hoeller-Bertram
  • Editorial, letters, news, etc.
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