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The Augustan #30

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Published as The Augustan Society Information Bulletin IX:9, September 1966, 39pp.

  • The President’s Letter: 1966
  • Eighth International Congress of Genealogy and Heraldry by Harry Wright Newman FAS
  • Operation Medal by Edward A. Wolf
  • Book Review:
    • Wappenrolle der Jonanniter in den Veringingten Staaten und Kanade by Carl Alexander von Volborth
    • Royal Vendetta: The Crown of Spain 1829-1965 by Theo Aronson
  • On Orders of Chivalry by Crolian W. Edelen Esq.
  • Assumed Arms? by Carl Alex. von Volborth FAS
  • A Register of Orders Recognized by The Augustan Society as Having Chivalric Status by Forest E. Barber
  • The Last of the Plantagenets by Rev. Dom William W. Bayne OSB, FAS
  • Queen Elizabeth II, Godiva Linked by R. Thomas Cheevers
  • The Russian Insignia of Distinction of the Military Order of Saint George by Dan W. Ragsdale
  • Descent from the Emperor Charlemagne by Catherine Foote Moyer and Thomas E. Coffins
  • Heraldic Quiz Number II by Carl Alex. von Volborth FAS
  • Letters, news, etc.
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