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Journal of Royal & Noble Genealogy #1

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Published as Journal of Royal & Noble Genealogy (I:1) issue #1, 1995, 36pp, including:

  • Fit Enough For a Queen: HM Queen Marie of Romania and the Maryhill Museum, by William Rodney Fleck, JD
  • Choice and Master Spirits: Opening the Imperial Tombs at Speyer Cathedral, August 1900, by Grant Michael Menzies, FAS, FSO
  • The Blood's The Thing: An Interview with Dr. Malcolm Potts, co-author of Queen Victoria's Gene
  • The Triple Descent of John Lloyd of London from King John of England with an additional descent from Henry I, by Robert Joseph Curfman, FAS/hc
  • Journal of the Lithuanian Royal Nobility Association: A Review
  • Editorial
  • Newsbriefs
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