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ICI Members' Newsletter #22

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Published as ICI Members' NL issue #22, July 1995, 20pp (332–351), including:

  • Walter von der Vogelweide; by Ronald Brennan, FAS
  • A Hierarchy of Forms of Validity; by Sir Wilson Van Dusen, KCR
  • The Order of St. Gereon; by Tonis Hadjidemetriou
  • Valiity and Legitimacy of a Chivalric Order; by Pr. Dr. Chaussier dit de Neumoissac, PhD
  • Test of Chivalric Validity
  • Some Further Thoughtsd on the Bulwark of Knightly Honor: The Duel; by Donald R. Perkins
  • Handcrafted Coats of Arms; by Don Glossinger
  • Four Grail Knights; by Dom Julian von Duerbeck, OSB, MAS
  • My Wonderful Prince and Me; by RRF
  • What is a Knight?; by Jack Allen Meyer, PhD
  • Pilgrimage & Crusade: Part III; by the Rev. Dr. Paul Evans Holbrook
  • A Day in the Life; by Jack Boddington
  • ICI Referendum 16
  • Director's Comments, etc.
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