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ICI Members' Newsletter #26

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Published as ICI Members' NL issue #26, July 1997, 12pp (392–403), including:

  • Pilgrimage & Crusade: Part V; by Rev. Dr. Paul Evans Holbrook
  • Thoughts on the Order of the Garter; by Col. Donald R. Perkins, FAS, OAA, KCR, SDLKJ, ODI
  • Why & Why Not; by Thomas Paul Westgaard
  • A Modest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)
  • Letter to the Editor
  • An Answer to the "Validation" of The Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem in the British Realm; by Jack Boddington
  • Recent Book: A knight's journey to the great Marian shrines of Europe
  • Responses to Referendum #20
  • Director's Comments
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