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The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 14
Published as The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 14, 1993, 164pp, includes: Letters Monuments of the Augustan Age VI: The Domus Liviae; by Robert L. Cleve, PhD, FAS Erl-Kings and Other Matters; by Richard Mingo Sweeney, FAS/hc The House of Rurik; by John H. Nicholls, FAS Who Was the Maternal Ancestor of Richard de Bienfaite and Baldwin de Meules? by Dollye McAlister Elliott, FAS/hc Falconry: An Ancient Blood Sport Finds a Modern Mission; by William D. Setzekorn, FAS Chivalry Committee: The Model of Ennobled Knighthood (continued); by Wilson Van Dusen, PhD, OAE, KCR Order of the Temple Study Group: The Symbolism of the Temple; by Ralph Metzger, PhD Heraldry Committee: The Carantanian Hat: An Ancient Sign of Sovereignty; by Josef Savli, PhD The Carnation: A Slovenian Badge and a European Flower; by Jozef Savli, PhD Colonial Genealogy & Research Committee: Native Americans, A Continuing Series: "Trinkets for Wealth: Indian Trade 1493–1676"; by William L. Byrd III with Sheila Spencer Stover, FAS Obadiah Holmes: Forgotten Champion of Religeous Freedom; by Garry Bryant, MAS A Seventeenth Century Massachusetts Coroner's Autopsy; by Paul F. Mellen, MD & M.C. Mellen The "Epigraph" of Major Edward Dale of Lancaster County, Virginia; by Dollye Elliott, FAS/hc The Jacksons Travel: A Two-Way Path Between Maryland and Delaware; by Evelyn Jackson Tubbs Metzler, OAE Thomas Jefferson Reveals Three More Children of John Chiles; by Arden H. Brame, Jr. II, OAE Wicca Study Circle and Colonial Witches and Witchcraft Study Group: A Pennsylvania Witch; by Robert Nelson, Jr. English Research Committee: The Courtenay Earldoms of Devon; by John H. Nicholls, FAS The Royal Marriage Act; by John H. Nicholls, FAS The Young Redheaded Captain: Guy Fawkes; by Marl Long, MAS & Roger Waddington A Probable Line of Descent from Charlemagne to Henry Norton, Early English Immigrant to New England; by Donald R. Perkins, KCR Home Studies in Ancestry Tracing; by Cecil R. Humphery-Smith, FSA Born to Be A Sheriff? by S.G. Swenson, MAS, FSO French Research Committee: The Man Who Had Two Lives; by John H. Nicholls, FAS A French Canadian in the American Revolution; by Hans D. Birk, FAS Germanic Research Committee: More Heraldic Germanic Ancestors; by Hans D. Birk, FAS Passenger List: NGSS Bremen, 1869; by Karen P. Neuforth, FAS, FSO Irish Research Committee: The Crowns of Munster and Desmond; by The MacCarthy Mor, Prince of Desmond Gaelic Feudalism and the Kingdom of Desmond; by The Count of Clandermond, FRSAI Towards a Classification of Current Nobiliary Titles in Use in Ireland; by The Lord of Duhallow, MAS O'Connor Don, Prince of Connacht, The Direct Descendant of the Last High King of Ireland and the Hereditary Kings of Connacht; by The Chevalier Daithi P. Hanly The Companions of the Royal House of O'Conor (Chompanach na Craoibhe Rioga) a brief commentary; by The Chevalier Daithi P. Hanly Scandinavian Research Committee: Archaelogical Site May be Hrothgar's Horned Hall; by William "Rod" Fleck Society Committees and Study Groups List Scottish Research Committee: The Origination of Scottish Surnames; by William L. Kirk Jr., PhD Hispanic Research Committee: Spanish Influence in California's Settlement, Part II; by Rudecinda Lo Buglio, FAS Queries and Surname Interest Listings Surnames: Abbarini, Abbitt, Alberternst, Atoi, Atwell, Bedigrew, Bell, Buswell, Chamberlain, Cranmer, Dawnes, DeWitt, Eaton, Fiske, Franklin, Gleason, Gorbet, Gorges, Gregory, Hoyle, Lawson, Mallory, Newberry, Hiser, Houk, Ennis, McFarland, Lisle, Lile, Lyle, Faure, Chastain, Gaunt, Hartley, Gould, Barbor, DeConde, DeVane, Jenrette, Bena, Benna, Foreman, Cremer, Hellmers, Hilmes, Irving, Erwing, Gallagher, Jurgens, Murawski, Norton, Owsley, Pettus, Phillips, Quarles, Rixey, Roet, Russel, Southerland, Spalding, Swynford, Schalkamp, Richter, Kabeliske, Kabelski, Jung, Logenbuhl, MacFadden, McManigal, Naughton, Small, Basile, Cockburn, Coburn, Natale, Macchi, Martinazzi, Piserchio, Ramsey, Starra, Starry, Sullivant, Teyka, Thurman, Travillian, Trott, Toele, Twinee, Vasconi, Vereen, Weatherby, Wells, Wetherbee, Whitworth