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Colonial Genealogist #46

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Published as part of The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 7, 1986, pp.73–94

  • Re: You and I Really Cousins? or, How Many Ancestors Did We Have in AD 1 and in 1700 B.C.? by Arden H. Brame, Jr. II
  • The Hazards of Chivalry: A Happening in Lancaster County, Virginia 307 Years Ago
  • Captain Thomas Carter of "Barford", Lancaster County, Virginia: A Second View by Dollye McAlister Elliott
  • Some American Descendants of The Prophet Mohammed by Charles Recker, FSO
  • Augustan Society Library Emigrant Card Files: Part I: A-I, Colonial Emigrants
  • Additional Notes on the English Ancestry of Cornelius Dabney (1631–1693/4) of Virginia by Arden H. Brame, Jr. II
  • Ancestral Lines, queries, surname interest listings, etc.
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